Our business as renters is naturally at the heart of sustainable development. By adopting a CSR approach, we are therefore progressing in-line with ourselves. And what’s good for the environment, is good for men and for the economy. Kiloutou is therefore in a process of exemplarity which is reflected in the constant improvement of our results.


This year, our CSR performance was welcomed by the European Rental Association (ERA), which awarded us the Sustainable Development Award, ahead of the biggest players in the market. I was very keen to win this recognition of exemplarity, and we can be proud of it! We were also the first signatories to our profession of the Global Compact of the United Nations. I renew this commitment on behalf of Kiloutou, and to support it, we are continuing to roll out our IMPACT strategy internally.


With IMPACT, we have an effective repository. This reference system will obviously have to evolve, to be improved. We will mainly deploy it in our international offices, based on a common foundation, and taking into account the particularities of each market. It is a challenge, but we will do it! We have achieved dramatic changes to improve safety on the ground: risk-taking is not acceptable. And to do even better, we work preventively on the whole security chain, analyzing the “almost accidents”. We are therefore working hard to achieve our goal of zero accidents.


The CSR will also benefit from the analysis of technological data. We are currently testing 3,000 connected machines. Through more precise maintenance, better targeting, we will gain efficiency and longevity for all our equipment.


Finally, the collaborative approach is a reliable approach to ensure lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We have put in place an unprecedented training plan to improve our approach and our customer support. We have developed the digital tools that simplify our rental processes. Better yet, we co-design with our customers more efficient service solutions. Collective intelligence leads us to move forward together and technological progress allows us to improve our services.


Our financial partners are also convinced and support us. There is a real correlation between the economic performance of companies and their commitment to sustainable development. Our CSR lead is a real competitive advantage and the improvement in our customer satisfaction rate is proof of this with a four-point increase in 2016. We are in a virtuous CSR approach in all respects. Kiloutou wants to be an exemplary company! »


Xavier du Boÿs, Chief Executive Officer