To support its development in France and abroad, the Kiloutou Group has decided to change its management structure by providing each country with its own resources and resources.

The Kiloutou Group has thus appointed:

Olivier Colleau, Managing Director France


Patrick Rybicki, Managing Director in charge of Development and International

Olivier Colleau, 45, appointed Managing Director France of Kiloutou, is responsible for continuing the growth of the national network, currently No. 2 in the French rental market. A graduate of HEC, Olivier Colleau began his career in 1995 at Bain & Company, where he led strategic consulting missions, mainly in industry, distribution and consumer goods. In 2006, he became Head of Business Development at Zodiac Marine & Pool.

He joined Kiloutou in 2009 as Director of Strategy and Development in charge of external growth operations and was soon appointed in 2011 as Director of the Kiloutou network in France.

Patrick Rybicki, 56, appointed Managing Director in charge of Development and International at Kiloutou, is responsible for overseeing foreign subsidiaries and international development.

A graduate of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Management, Patrick Rybicki began his career in 1981 as project manager. In 1983, he joined Capgemini and successively held the positions of Project Manager, Change Management Consultant, Sales Manager and Director of BU Outsourcing for Northern Region.

In 2001, he took over the Management and Information Systems department at Kiloutou, to support the company in its development and transformation, and to equip it with modern and innovative systems.

At the end of 2008, he became Operations Manager of the branch network in France and, until the end of 2011, he was in charge of the Development Department in order to implement the external growth strategy and the establishment of Kiloutou in new countries.

Olivier Colleau and Patrick Rybicki both report to Xavier du Boÿs, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Kiloutou group. Alain Loeb, Chief Financial Officer, is the Executive Committee of the Kiloutou Group.

About Kiloutou

The fourth-largest European rental company and a major player in equipment rental in France, the Kiloutou Group delivers product and service solutions to an extremely diverse clientele: major national companies, construction firms, craftsmen, local authorities and administrations, industries, services, SMEs. The Kiloutou group offers the widest range on the market with some 850 products and over 200,000 items of equipment in a variety of fields: aerial work platforms, earthmoving and construction equipment, first fix and second fix equipment, commercial vehicles and event-based equipment. With a turnover of 532 million euros in 2016 and a workforce of 4,000 in France, Kiloutou is continuing its expansion and now represents a network of 460 agencies, some fifty of which are with specialist building retailers, while around thirty are local stores established in city centres. The network also counts 34 agencies in Poland, 11 in Spain and 3 in

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